PowerBuilder.NET SCC with TFS

PowerBuilder.NET (here version 12.5) can easily use Microsoft’s “Team Foundation Server” (TFS) for all the expected Source Code Control (SCC) actions.  PowerBuilder.NET, like any non-Microsoft product will need an adapter layer, which is provided by Microsoft free of charge.  The “Microsoft Source Code Control Interface” (MSSCCI) provider is the adapter providing the actual connection to the Team Foundation Server.

The attached document outlines the installing and an overview of using PowerBuilder.NET (and a little TFS) for the basic SCC needs.

The end result, is that you can double-click a file (like a window object), the file (and the hidden XAML mate) will be automatically checked out, put into the pending check-ins list, and the world is sweet.  Check out this attached PDF document (PB125_SCC_Overview_TFS.pdf) for the details.


 (Originally published 3-February 2011)