PowerBuilder.NET – SCC with VSS and Perforce

PowerBuilder.NET (here the shipping 12.0) can easily use most (all?) Visual Studio compatible source code control (SCC) providers.  The attached document shows the steps to connect to either  my personal favorite, Perforce, or Microsoft’s Visual Source Safe (which I believe is being discontinued by Microsoft in favor of TFS).

These SCC packages are easier than Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) both because they are just SIMPLER, but I also did not need any extra adapter installed. Especially Perforce, IT JUST WORKS.
So, grab this older document (PBNET120_SCC_Instructions_Public.pdf), written back in the 12.0 timeframe, and party-on!

And, since I just love pictures, here’s a pretty and informative (looks and smarts) screen capture showing some details when the user adds a new global function and a text file.  The “project” files for the target and library are automatically checked out also…


(Originally published 13 February 2011)