Some good reads for HTML5 and JavaScript

For the new project I am spending time with HTML5 and JavaScript.  Hidden in the web I found a couple things which were helpful to me….

a) How Browsers Work – an in-depth look about browser internals.

b) From the same author, client side performance resources and tools – at

c) JavaScript book set that I just purchased for JavaScript performance (YES – actual money was exchanged).  The books are written in a “too friendly” style for me, but that does keep me from falling asleep.  Good details for all aspects of JavaScript performance, give it a try.
The site:
Part 1 – “Understanding and measuring Performance”
Part 2 – “Loadtime”
Part 3 – “Runtime”
Part 4 – “Coping in the User Interface”
Includes a cross-browser profiling tool – “The DOM Monster” (have not tried it yet)