Undocumented – the SUP log on iPhone/iPod/iPad

A note about an undocumented capability of Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) on the iOS (iPhone) family of devices.  Remember – this is unsupported and undocumented and all the other standard disclaimers apply.

Today (well actually, quite often), I cannot connect my iPod or iPad with my SUP server. We are always uninstalling/reinstalling the client piece and going through a relay server in the DMZ. Well, connecting is often a problem…
Annnnnnd – since the iPhone is a closed environment – we can’t just look at some log file to have a clue about what is happening…

Asking the tech support folks here, there IS a way to access the log file.
This uses the 3rd party utility “iExplorer” (from Macroplant.com), which allows you to explore and view the files on any iOS device.  They have a version for both the PC and the Mac.  Basically – you load their software, tether the device to your PC, then explore with their tool.   The free version seems to have a 5-directory at a time limit, but that is not too onerous – heh – it’s free…

Anyways, the real purpose of this exercise was to view the SUP logs…

Using ‘iExplorer’, navigate to: /Apps/com.sybase.MobileWorkflow/Library/Caches/OBData, and retrieve the file mocaLog.txt.  Copy it to your PC and open with any text editor (TextPad or NotePad++).  This is the log file which is normally shared with the server, but manually retrieved because we are not connecting to the server.


Uninstall / Reinstall a Package on Android

With a new ‘feature’ on SUP, we have to uninstall/reinstall the clients whenever we need to work with a different server – or just update the server with a new build.
A little note about the steps for an Android device (the original Nexus -1 here).

  1. Make sure the USB driver is really talking to the device,
    C:>  adb usb
  2. Grab the list of packages on the device. This both gets the correct name and further confirms you are really talking to the device.
    C:> adb shell ls data/data
  3. Uninstall the packages of interest.   For me they are:
    C:> adb uninstall  com.sybase.workflow
    C:> adb uninstall  com.sybase.dataprovider
  4. Install the updated packages.
    C:> adb install C:tmp\SybaseDataProvider.apk
    C:> adb install C:tmp\Workflow.apk

Update for SUP 2.2:
The  package is now named:  com.sybase.hwc

Now I can set the workflow password and set my relay server configuration.
BTW – yes, for physical devices we are outside the firewall, so we all go through “Sybase Hosted Relay Server” to the local test server inside the firewall (just a couple cubicles over…)

OH – don’t forget – that for Android – you can’t (yet) set the server name using the regular DNS name, but you must use the IP-Address…