If You Like ClearCase – You Belong in a Mental Institution

Watching a Google presentation by Linus Torvalds on GIT.

He disparaged CVS and other SCC systems, but since CVS is a step up from ClearCase, well – his comments are in spades…
BTW – Google uses Perforce…

Another person talking about ClearCase and why it is a tool from the 1970’s.

BTW – what other “tool” requires a dedicated administrator?
I administer a Perforce server used by 2 development groups (42 people).  It consumes about 5 minutes a month of my time.  It’s straight-forward and obvious – what more can I ask for.

Someone with a love/hate relationship with ClearCase:


A Great Statement in a Meeting

During a requirements review this week, the product owner had a great top-level statement:

Enable the Customer To Deliver Applications – Not Just Code Them

This really resonated with me.
Remember, I am in the IDE (the development environment) for SUP, which is a tool to help a company create mobile enterprise application.

XBW Designer Feature – “Arrange All”

I just fell across this feature in the SUP Hybrid Web Container designer (the XBW file designer).  It is Arrange All – I know we get this for free from GMF/GEF and it has been there for ages, but I never noticed it.  This solves one of those items I had on my whiteboard to investigate and address (in my copious spare time…).

Basically, right-mouse on the design surface and choose “Arrange All” in the context menu.  There is a smooth slide where the screen nodes move into (usually) pleasing positions.

First – the original flow designer….

XBW Designer Layout - Before

And – after the “Arrange All” action.

Layout Designer After ArrangeAll

Layout Designer After Arrange All