SUP – ‘Result Checker’ and ‘Result Set Filter’ Customizations

There are two server-side customizations you can put into your Mobile Business Objects (MBOs).  You write these customizations in Java and deploy them with the MBO onto the server.
The checking & filtering are totally transparent to the consumer of the MBO.

Result Checker

The ‘result checker’ allows custom error checking for the MBO operations to occur on the server.  Because these are written in Java, they have a rich set of capability.  The main aspect to remember (that led to a customer asking the question) is that these result checkers execute on the server, and provide status information for the application running on the end-user’s device.
The online doc is (here).

Result Set Filter

Similar to the result checker, the ‘result set filter’ allows data to be manipulated (only during the read) before it is fed into the storage/cache for the MBO.  This allows simple things like combining the first and last names into the single field “name”, or removing rows that do not fulfill some other requirement that is not in the BAPI definition.
Another nice feature of the result set ‘filter’ is that you can use multiple data sources, like a couple of SQL tables along with your SAP BAPIs to ‘join’ then into a single MBO result set.
The online doc is (here).