SUP and Different Abbreviations

Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) has a couple different abbreviations that my lizard brain STILL needs to latch on to…

  1. PK – this has always always always meant “Primary Key” to me….
    In SUP this has a primary meaning of “Personalization Key”, with a minor secondary meaning of database-style primary key.  Driven by context – but whenever I see “pk_foo” my brain hits a speed-bump.
  2. CDB – from data federation systems and iAnywhere Mobilink, this means “Consolidated DataBase“.
    In SUP this means the “Cache DataBase“.  Of course their true meaning to the client device is very similar, so you can think of the CDB (cache db) as being a fancy CDB (consolidated DB).  The CDB (cache) has nice things like a ‘global CDB’ and fine control over cache groups…