Just Purchased the “HTC EVO V 4G” Phone…

The kid got a new phone yesterday – “HTC EVO V 4G” from Radio Shack, under a Virgin mobile plan.  A sweeeeet Android 4 phone with a “3D Imaging” camera (two side-by-side cameras really) and a 3D display. No – I have not played with the phone – the kid scampered off after it was activated…

Since this was a no-contract plan, we paid the $299 retail. We are going with the $35/mo with 300mins talk, unlimited text, and “unlimited” data plan.
I told the kid about data throttling, so she will be tight with her data budget (FB updates and such).
We feel OK about using Virgin as a carrier because of the price, we hear they are riding on the Sprint antennas, and Sprint is still busy building out the network around here.
Coverage is already fairly good, and more antennas will just make it better (college towns are so convenient for that…)

And yes – we broke our normal pattern of making her pay for these things herself – we paid for it (we promised as part of moving away from her friends…)