JavaScript Debugging With Aardwolf

A JavaScript debugger from your desktop browser into the device (Android, iOS, BB6, WinPhone7).
A co-worker found this and she is writing up how to use this with SUP Hybrid Applications (running in the container on the device).  Yes – soon available on SDN.
This will greatly simplify debugging your applications while running on the actual hardware.

Yes, “aardwolf” is an “interesting name”, and the software is still pretty rough around the edges. However the promise is there. The author really did a great thing.

Windows 8 and Silverlight/HTML5

A good read about Windows-8 and the life and death (and continued life) of Silverlight.
The author is a former product manager from Microsoft, so the reader should keep salt handy and bear any axe-grinding and shoulder-chips in mind.

(one particularly funny point:
…whilst at the same time we had to find a way to make Steve Sinofsky believe that Silverlight was killed off. )

One interesting thought (quote from the article):

Q. So… you saying Windows 8 is really Silverlight 6?
A. Yeah in concept yes. Technically no, but if you take a step back from our bad messaging, public realtion screw-ups and lastly our idiotic executive we pretty much did what you asked – we fixed WPF and Silverlight parity & performance and we made it also work on both desktop and mobile. I give you Windows 8.
(quote from the above referenced article)