Open Source PowerBuilder based EMR Clinical Groupware

The PowerBuilder group on FaceBook pointed to the open source project “EncounterPRO EMR Clinical Groupware for Pediatrics and Primary Care” at  This project uses a mix of C# and our beloved PowerBuilder.
PowerBuilder 11.5 is used for both the client application UI and server components.

This seems to be an open source version of a proprietary product – don’t ask me how that all works and the relationships.
This open source version is still in development, there don’t seem to be any installations yet.  The However the project is addressing the common issues in both the client UI and EMR server-side that I am familiar with.  I will be giving this a look, see how it stacks up to ‘openMRS‘ and whether I should be spending my spare time here instead.

Open MRS has the advantage of an installed “customer” base with a worldwide mission.  This ‘EncounterPRO’ project has a strong focus for the physician/nurse encounter workflow – which I see as more important the back-end services.  From skimming the docs it seems to be using a more general workflow engine, which matches my general approach to problems.  Additionally, using PowerBuilder just makes the cake that much tastier!

Maybe mobilize this with Appeon?  Version 2.0 is now in beta and it looks good.

OpenMRS – open source project for medical record software

A couple people have asked what I have been doing lately.  Fortunately I have been putting my talents for good rather than evil (even though evil is so tempting, and they have cookies).

I am becoming familiar (and hopefully soon being useful) on the open source electronic medical record (EMR) software “OpenMRS” (  This project combines my interests in EMR software (and data models) with my desire to make a real contribution for efficient and effective delivery of healthcare.  Just in Kenya this software is used in over 50 clinics supporting hundreds of thousands of patients.  

Fortunately this system is using tools I am familiar with – code is Java, GIT for version control, and JIRA for issues and scrum.  I am still getting familiar with the codebase and will soon have the confidence to take an issue from JIRA or even propose some new functionality (like a remote ‘visiting nurse’ tablet application).