SQL Server 2012 Changes That Caught Me

My new job is using SQL Server (rather than SAP-HANA or Sybase!!) as a database engine.  During a manual install of the product I’m working on I stumbled over a couple small changes with 2012 that had changed since SQL Server 2005 (and even version 6.5!!)

  • Authentication mode
    ‘Out of the box’ – the server defaults to only ‘Windows Authentication’.
    However user ‘sa’ is (obviously) not a windows user.
    Easy change: Server Properties – Security – Authentication – select both SQL Server and Windows Authentication.
  • User ‘sa’
    In Ye Olde Days – the password was blank.
    The new recommendation is ‘Password123’.
    (yes – I did remember that when I found it online – just slipped my puppy-brain).
  • The CLR engine (for .NET objects)  has to be enabled before it’s used.
    Yes – I remembered that one too when I found it online…