Dying Computers Last Words

One of the foster kid’s toys reminded me of HAL-9000 dying…
The toy I noticed is a stuffed car with a speech synthesizer to spout car-centric phrases (from Disney ‘Cars’ or something). The toy is probably losing its charge, buying kid things at second hand places will have that effect – they are well-played with before we get them.
Anyways, it is losing its charge, and it is now saying what sounds like “Domo Arigato”. ¬†No “Mister Roboto”, just a polite “thank you very much” (in Japanese). Which, of course, led me to think of our beloved HAL-9000 (driven to paranoia¬†by keeping a secret from its own beloved crew).
Just like HAL-9000 was reverting to saying (singing) something from its childhood, this speech synthesizer, made in China but undoubtedly created by Japanese engineers was also reverting to its own childhood.