Odd Phone Hiccup – Lost Data Connectivity on 3G/4G/LTE

Just had an oddity on my Galaxy S3 phone – I had no data connectivity over the air!
I tried the typical restart and disable/enable Airplane mode with no avail.

How I fixed it (some steps may be optional/redundant – I don’t know):

  1. Update PRL – Settings -> More -> System Update -> Update PRL
  2. disable WiFi
  3. disable phone data – Settings -> Connection -> Data Usage -> Mobile Data
  4. enter Airplane mode
    (in other words – shut off everything)
  5. power cycle the device to force a full reboot
  6. come out of Airplane mode
  7. re-enable phone data

Whew – see the 4G/LTE icon…

I left WiFi disabled because there were some comments that WiFi coming in and going out may have a bug in the new Android (I’m using KitKat 4.4.2).

New meaning of word ‘close’

From an interesting article in Science Magazine – Trio of big black holes spotted in galaxy smashup, one sentence jumped out at me…

…three supermassive black holes orbiting close to one another, two of them just a few hundred light-years apart.

Golly – JUST a few hundred light-years apart.
Otherwise the item is interesting because this would be a great source of gravitational waves.  Harnessing a small or quantum singularity and vibrating that may be more useful, but until we figure that out, we can watch these supermassive babies.


OpenMRS – open source project for medical record software

A couple people have asked what I have been doing lately.  Fortunately I have been putting my talents for good rather than evil (even though evil is so tempting, and they have cookies).

I am becoming familiar (and hopefully soon being useful) on the open source electronic medical record (EMR) software “OpenMRS” (openmrs.org).  This project combines my interests in EMR software (and data models) with my desire to make a real contribution for efficient and effective delivery of healthcare.  Just in Kenya this software is used in over 50 clinics supporting hundreds of thousands of patients.  

Fortunately this system is using tools I am familiar with – code is Java, GIT for version control, and JIRA for issues and scrum.  I am still getting familiar with the codebase and will soon have the confidence to take an issue from JIRA or even propose some new functionality (like a remote ‘visiting nurse’ tablet application).

What is inside a K-Cup

The kid asked what was inside the K-Cup (the coffee unit for the single serve coffee brew system). We shook and cut and concluded there are two basic kinds.

  1. Classic – “teabag of coffee”
  2. Fully dissolvable contents – like hot chocolate and “Chai Latte”

The classic kind is described by Wikipedia, and you can discern the design by simply shaking and examining an unused K-Cup.  To complete the investigation, I cut a used classic K-Cup open.  The embedded filter holding the coffee (like a teabag) is quite apparent.

During brewing, the hot water is injected at the top (through the foil seal – here on the bottom because the K-Cup is upside-down) .  The brewed coffee drains out the bottom, here visible on the left half of the opened shell.


SAP Sapphire in Orlando

SAP Sapphire in Orlando – for the opening keynote – 20K attendees with 80K watching online (yes – 100K total).
Unfortunately (well, fortunately) I’m in Kalamazoo with the streaming video in a corner of one of my screens.