Dying Computers Last Words

One of the foster kid’s toys reminded me of HAL-9000 dying…
The toy I noticed is a stuffed car with a speech synthesizer to spout car-centric phrases (from Disney ‘Cars’ or something). The toy is probably losing its charge, buying kid things at second hand places will have that effect – they are well-played with before we get them.
Anyways, it is losing its charge, and it is now saying what sounds like “Domo Arigato”.  No “Mister Roboto”, just a polite “thank you very much” (in Japanese). Which, of course, led me to think of our beloved HAL-9000 (driven to paranoia by keeping a secret from its own beloved crew).
Just like HAL-9000 was reverting to saying (singing) something from its childhood, this speech synthesizer, made in China but undoubtedly created by Japanese engineers was also reverting to its own childhood.

More Proof that ClearCase Is A Toy – Not For Production Use

Yet more reasons to avoid ClearCase….

Scenario – I checked out a bunch of files on Friday, worked them for a few days adding all sorts of yummy goodness.  After code reviews I start checking things in.

One file has been updated by somebody else – no problemo – happens all the time on a large project with many programmers.  But wait – who is this “Reed Shilts” guy – somebody with MY name has checked in a new version of the file I have been editing ?
Looking through the CC history, nope – no new version has been checked in by Reed…

Since nobody here trusts the “Merge” capability in ClearCase (it sometimes works…) – I un-check out the file, re-merge my changes, then check it in.

ClearCase being confused again

SUP Hack – Adding HTML Markup

Here’s a simple little workaround/hack to add a simple bit of snap to your Hybrid Web Container applications.  The ‘default value’ of any label control, or even the label on a control (like an entry field) can contain HTML markup.

This example shows:
a) A label field surrounded by <h1> presents as ‘header-1’ style text.
b) A label field with ‘default’ value of <hr /> presents as a horizontal rule.
c) The label for an entry field has the individual ‘N’ and ‘S’ set to bold.
d) This is executing on the Android emulator (using jQueryMobile as the framework).

Example showing HTML markup

a) Be careful about the HTML markup being used as an SUP ‘key’ – that is asking for trouble.
b) Make sure your HTML is properly closed.  Just about everything resides in its own ‘DIV’ which is pretty sensitive to unbalanced markup.
c)  We are planning on having a ‘correct’ implementation where everything can be tied to a CSS class, but this is still in the planning/talking stage.

If You Like ClearCase – You Belong in a Mental Institution

Watching a Google presentation by Linus Torvalds on GIT.

He disparaged CVS and other SCC systems, but since CVS is a step up from ClearCase, well – his comments are in spades…
BTW – Google uses Perforce…

Another person talking about ClearCase and why it is a tool from the 1970’s.

BTW – what other “tool” requires a dedicated administrator?
I administer a Perforce server used by 2 development groups (42 people).  It consumes about 5 minutes a month of my time.  It’s straight-forward and obvious – what more can I ask for.

Someone with a love/hate relationship with ClearCase:

XBW Designer Feature – “Arrange All”

I just fell across this feature in the SUP Hybrid Web Container designer (the XBW file designer).  It is Arrange All – I know we get this for free from GMF/GEF and it has been there for ages, but I never noticed it.  This solves one of those items I had on my whiteboard to investigate and address (in my copious spare time…).

Basically, right-mouse on the design surface and choose “Arrange All” in the context menu.  There is a smooth slide where the screen nodes move into (usually) pleasing positions.

First – the original flow designer….

XBW Designer Layout - Before

And – after the “Arrange All” action.

Layout Designer After ArrangeAll

Layout Designer After Arrange All