Reed Shilts – one of the old PowerBuilder internals developers.

All information and opinions expressed in this site are my own.  They do not reflect any stance or policy by my employer in any manner.  All standard disclaimers apply.

My recent career included the project manager, architect, lead engineer, build and release manager, customer liaison, and bottle washer for PocketBuilder. Essentially, PowerBuilder for mobile devices.  This was mainly in C++ (native) code for Windows Mobile devices and C++ for the IDE itself.
Recently, focusing on PowerBuilder again, on the new .NET flavour, all built as an “isolated shell” application built using the Visual Studio shell. My areas of responsibility included the main internal framework, the project (file) system, and the solution explorer.

Now migrating back to mobility for the further development of the design environment (yes, still an IDE) for the “web workflow” aspect of the “Sybase Unwired Platform” (SUP).  This is back in Java using Eclipse plugins as the tool environment.  We are generating CSS and JavaScript, so our lives remain interesting.

Personal main site: shilts.org 

This site used to be at ‘shilts.org/reedteknik’ – but GoDaddy is so fracking slow that the pain was too much.  I also brought my personal political site to wordpress.com, reedpolitik.wordpress.com.  This site contains my half-formed personal ruminations about life and politics.  Not to be viewed by sane people…

I now reside in Kalamazoo Michigan, but still work with the Concord MA and Waterloo ON team.  The Kalamazoo home is another historic building needing somebody to breathe life back into its weary bones.

And finally, yes, Gary Shilts, Randy Shilts, Dennis Shilts, Ronald Shilts, and David Shilts are my brothers…

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